Top 5 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

The common perception, when we’re talking about s*xual infidelity, is that men are always stepping out on the women in their lives. Needless to say, this idea is antiquated at best. In reality, women are just as likely to cheat as men. That said, men and women tend to think about their infidelity in very different ways and to have very distinct reasons for doing it.

1. They feel neglected and lonely at home.

Typically, such women feel more like a nanny, a maid, a mother, or a financial provider than an equal and valued life partner. As such, they use romance and s*x outside their primary relationship to fill the emotional void.


2. Lack of sexual satisfaction

Women are sexual creatures just like the men. They want to feel wanted, pleased, desired and pleasured by their men. Sometimes, some women may have a higher sexual drive whereby they want to reach a certain orgasm level but their partner can’t give that. This creates a barrier in the relationship and since you don’t want to end the relationship, they are forced to look for men that can meet her physical needs.


3. They’re unhappy in their current relationship.

There may be a lack of intimacy (a lack of emotional connection, as discussed above), there may be a lack of sex (for any number of reasons), their mate might not be around enough to satisfy their physical and emotional needs, or things might just be falling apart as relationships sometimes do. In such cases, they might cheat to see if there is something better out there or to line up someone new before they end their current relationship.


4. They’re addicted.

Sometimes women have an issue with alcohol or drugs, and these substances affect their decision making, leading to impulsive s*xual decisions. Other times they are s*xually and/or romantically addicted, using s*x and romance compulsively as ways to escape unwanted feelings. (This desire for distraction and escape also drives substance addictions.)

As with men who cheat, there is typically no single driving force for infidelity. That said, there is always another option. Women don’t lose the ability to make decisions for themselves simply because they’re bored, or their mother neglected them, or their husband bought a new car without asking.


5. They’re angry and want revenge.

Usually, these women act out in response to a betrayal by their partner. Their partners may have cheated, or spent money without asking for their opinion, or made an important life decision without including them in the process. Out of anger, these women might seek extracurricular s*x—and they usually don’t try to hide it.





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